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Tribal Court (TCRC)

Program Overview

Reentry is a process, not an event. With the aid of substance abuse and treatment providers, Tribal Community Reentry Court (TCRC) helps to resolve reentry issues with culture-based methods and approaches to reintegrate persons under supervision to be successful in their tribal communities. Reentry is not limited to the physical process of how to return to their families and communities, but also includes how various stakeholders and partners will assist with transitional opportunities to support persons under supervision and their families, and ensure victim and community protection.

Successful reentry programs provide a way for persons under supervision to return into the community and allow victims to feel safe and secure. Successful reentry programs also allow the community to be less concerned about the actions and intentions of the returning person under supervision.

In TCRC for the District of Utah, the presiding judge, with the aid of an Assistant Federal Public Defender and an Assistant U.S. Attorney, assists U.S. Probation with the supervision of participants by conducting regular court sessions attended by all participants in the program. At the court session, the judge reviews and responds to the achievements and failures of each participant. The conduct and activities supervised by the program are typically handled by U.S. Probation. The program adds the regular oversight of a defendant by a judge with a blend of treatment, education, opportunities, skills, and sanction alternatives to address participant behavior, rehabilitation, and the safety of our communities.  For questions about TCRC, please contact U.S. Probation Officer Cody George at 801.535.2706.