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Residential Reentry Centers (RRC)

Residential Reentry Centers (RRC)

Many individuals near the end of their custody sentences will have the opportunity to participate in prerelease placement at one of the BOP contracted Residential Reentry Centers (RRC) located throughout the country. The staff within Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will determine eligibility for BOP inmates for placement at a designated RRC, which is generally in the sentencing district,  unless jurisdiction has been transferred.  This community based placement offers a step-down from incarceration as persons under supervision begin the process to gradually return to community life.  Inmates will have the opportunity while residing at the RRC to participate in programming and treatment, with the focus on a continuum of care and rehabilitation.  This transition from the institution to the RRC gives individuals the opportunity  to reunite with family and relatives in establishing a support system, secure gainful and meaningful employment, begin to save money for their release, and establish an appropriate approved release residence.

Half-Way House

The GEO Group, Inc is the contracted provider to the Bureau of Prisons for the halfway house located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The facility can currently accommodate 95 people in-house and the time frame for placement can range from short term of thirty days up to long term of approximately one year.  People who reside in the RRC are subject to a highly structured environment.  Each person is assigned a case manager to assist them with their programming, coordination of treatment services, and progress toward stated goals.  The case manager will conduct a risk/needs assessment using objective assessment tools to maximize resident potential while in the program. The centers have closed circuit security cameras, an electronic sign in and out system for client accountability, 24-hour custodial care, and ongoing drug and alcohol testing to monitor sobriety, and a drug free lifestyle.  The focus is on resident accountability while maintaining a safe and positive environment.   The mission is to assist individuals in transitioning from a life of crime to one of responsibility and productivity.  This process includes teaching transitional skills and providing job readiness training.  As treatment and behavioral goals are achieved, residents earn the privilege of increased community involvement while maintaining a higher level of responsibility.  As they continue to make progress and achieve success through the level system, some are eventually released from the institution to home confinement, dependent upon individual circumstances.

The goal of the GEO RRC in Salt Lake City, Utah, is to return responsible productive men and women to their families and communities through a structured approach that minimizes recidivism and maximizes their chances of successful reentry.  Successful reintegration back into the community is a collaborative effort which includes the RRC staff, U.S. Probation, treatment service providers, support network consisting of family and/or friends, employers,  and community based organizations and resources.