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FAQs - Vendor Solicitations

If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please contact our office for assistance.

Vendor Solicitations

Q: Will the questions and answers regarding the RFP be posted?
Q: Does the incumbent have any advantage in the selection process?
Q: How many years does this contract cover?
Q: How is the lowest bidder determined?
Q: Will you release the current contract prices for services?
Q: Are we able to bid on only on the Substance Abuse portion, or do we have to bid on both the Substance Abuse and Mental Health. The RFP post seems to say we would have to bid on both.
Q: Do I need to attend the Information Session?
Q: If bidding for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, are we required to have a prescriber and a forensic psychologist in order to submit a proposal? Will I need to subcontract those services in order to apply?
Q: If I have the contract for Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment will I also treat sex offenders?
Q: Are “staff” different than “subcontractors?”
Q: Do I have to reprint all the sections C,D,D,F,G,H and I?
Q: What treatment services do you need?
Q: When and why do you seek bids?
Q: What are the general areas that need competitive bids?
Q: What treatment needs do we have in small rural areas?
Q: When can I bid for Psychosexual and Mental Health Assessments in County Jails.
Q: Do I need to agree to provide all the services requested in the solicitation?
Q: I am a sole practitioner who would like to submit a proposal, but am unable to provide all of the services in Section B. What are my options?
Q: In Section C of the RFP, it reflects services not listed in Section B; does this mean we are responsible for providing all services mentioned in Section C, or just the ones listed in Section B?