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FAQs - Presentence

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Q: I have entered a plea or otherwise been found guilty of a crime in federal court. What happens next?
Q: What is a presentence report?
Q: What is the presentence investigation phase of a case?
Q: What type of documentation do I need to bring to the presentence interview?
Q: How does a defendant participate in the presentence phase of the case?
Q: Will there be a home visit associated with the presentence investigation?
Q: What is the time frame of the presentence investigation?
Q: What if there is a discrepancy about the content of the report or the application of the sentencing guidelines?
Q: Should a defendant submit any letters of support for inclusion with the presentence report?
Q: Does the report go to anyone other than the parties of the case and the judge?
Q: How is the presentence report used at sentencing?
Q: How do I find out who is preparing my presentence report?
Q: How do I obtain my presentence report?